Cameras at Construction Sites

Managers are often forced to increase productivity levels at the site to meet the requirements of the building owners.  More so, security companies often find it difficult to come up with genuine evidence to back criminal offenses that may occur at the given construction site.

Monitor construction workers:

One important benefit of installing CCTV systems at the construction site is that it allows the project managers to have a better view of the employees` activities. To be specific, the construction site is often a beehive of activity, which can sometimes pose a challenge for managers who are supposed to account for everything.


Evaluating the site:

Cameras at the constructions site is that it provides the managers with a better option for viewing the progress of the entire site.  CCTV cameras are also convenient since they provide footage of how the events at the site have been unfolding.


Help improve security at the site:

One of the biggest hindrances that most constructions projects face is the maintenance of security levels at the site, especially when no one is watching or perhaps when the site has been dormant for a while. For security companies, the footage can be used to determine any inconsistencies or perhaps any illegal activities that may be taking part at the site.



Although these types of security systems might cost a significant amount to install, they are crucial towards the completion of the entire project are therefore a feasible investment for any given construction project.

CCTV in Logistics

Goods-related Areas:

  • Loss of goods
  • Damage to goods
  • Goods placed in incorrect designated areas


Accidents and problems:

  • Collisions between forklifts
  • Damage to equipment
  • Problems in logistics sorting line