Labour unrest is strike action or industrial action undertaken by labor unions, especially where labor disputes become violent.

This situation created the necessity for the creation of a specialized riot intervention services, whereby the Servamus Protection Riot Marshall’s tactics are designed to disperse the crowd and minimize injuries.  Difficult situations can normally be prevented with just a visual presence of security, but sometimes the group of people and excitement can turn into an opportunity for theft or violence. Our well-experienced staff can identify problems as they arise and defuse most situations before they get out of control. If things do get out of hand, they are trained to know what course of action to take to regain control, and backup is always just a radio call away.

All work is performed in a safe, ethical and responsible manner. Only non-lethal weapons are deployed from all our people executing the service.

We are aware of our countries human right policies and the basic codes of conduct within the security industry, we combine these values into all aspects of our service delivery.


We ensure continuous excellence in safety and risk management standards.