Examples of incidents, for which industrial investigations can be conducted, include: 

Loss of company property that could lead to a theft investigation;

Damage of company property that could lead to a criminal charge of malicious damage to property or possibly an internal labour matter, such as:
• Negligence;
• Accident;
• Unrest;
• Systems failure;

Health and safety issues.

Our team of investigators has all-round knowledge and experience in dealing with these cases. Very important to consider is that the skill and expertise in the manner in which these cases are processed, ultimately leads to their success. 

Our investigator will work towards a successful finding and obtain evidence that would be admissible. One has to bear in mind that, should the required result be a criminal prosecution, the case has to be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt”, whilst in an industrial or internal prosecution, the evidence needs to be based on “a balance of probability”. Thus, evidence that would be admissible in an industrial matter might not be admissible in a criminal case.